Biscuits Collection 'The Gift Boxes'

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Apricot / Box Collection
The fresh sweetness of apricot makes this biscuits demonstration of mastery in the equilibrium of ta..
Bacetti / Box Collection
Chocolate and Piemonte hazelnuts in a heartshaped biscuit: the sensation of the sweetest of kisses. ..
Cacao / Box Collection
A biscuits–chocolate sweet that comes from a fine cocoa blend and desire for a strong emotion. WH..
Canestrelli / Box Collection
Fresh butter and natural vanilla, that has aroma and creamingly melts in your mouth. WHEAT flour,..
Chamomile / Box Collection
The fragrance of camomille in flower emerges powerfully at the first taste. Quiet and emotion of spr..
Cherry & Cinnamond / Box Collection
An intriguing biscuit where the sweet note of candied fruit is exalted by the exotic accent of the s..
Coffee / Box Collection
A biscuit in a coffee bean-shape that contains all the strength of a cup of the best espresso. WH..
Lemon / Box Collection
A biscuit with an extraordinary perfume thanks to the essence of Sicilian lemons like a drop of Medi..
Liquorice / Box Collection
Sibari, the city of Magna Grecia, offers the best liquorice for thi recipe which is surprisingly swe..
Pear / Box Collection
A rich and delicious biscuit that helps remember how the pear was the fruit of royal tables. WHEA..
Zaletti / Box Collection
Marano maize flour and soft raisins for the biscuits that is a tribute to the Venetian tradition . ..