Art Dolceterra Collection Chopping Boards

Price: $14.00
Brand: Dolceterra
Product Code: cc0100
Availability: 16

This Cutting Board from the Art Dolceterra Collection is smooth and gorgeous, constructed from beech wood with a fine grain and an oiled finish. The finish is also food safe and polished to a gleaming shine, making the cutting board a long-lasting additive to your upscale collection of cooking utensils.

Applying a modern twist, the Dolceterra utilizes off-angle tapered edges that make this cutting board both stand out and easy to handle with its unique European design. A hot embossing showcasing the handiwork of Art Dolceterra is proudly displayed on each board, indicating the craftsmanship of the board and its Italian heritage. Cut confidence on your Dolceterra cutting board.

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