Golden Drawer Chococaviar 15 (Gift Box)

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Chocaviar Golden Chocolate Box, "Tiretto Oro" pull-out drawer box, with 4 assorted Chocaviar recipes: Crème Brulée, 75%, Crème Cacao and Crème Pistachio. 
The lively colours of Chocaviar chocolates stand out thanks to the transparent lid with satin ribbon. 
The Tiretto contains 15 Chocaviar, one of the most popular Venchi chocolates for its aromatic complexity and its gratifying "maxi" format of about 18 g. It contains: 
- 6 Chocaviar 75%: dark chocolate filling in a double chocolate shell (56% and 75%) with granella decorating it. 
- 3 Chocaviar Crème Brulée: Chocolates filled with caramel, coated with dark chocolate and dark chocolate granella. 
- 3 Chocaviar Crème Cacao: chocolate filled with gianduja cream with hazelnuts and embellished with dark Chocaviar granella. 
- 3 Chocaviar Crème Pistachio: the triumph of pistachio and dried fruit, whole and crunchy inside the creamy filling (also made of pistachio and hazelnuts). 
The simplicity of the package becomes its strength: chocolates are well visible, arranged in rows, enhanced by a game of symmetric lines and chromatic contrasts, they are truly tempting.


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