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Burrata Pugliese 1.10 lb
The burrata: synthesis of a perfect balance between the sweetness of the cream, the roundness of the..
Cotechino Modena IGP
Cotechino: three hearty and festive flavors for the cold winter months. A genuine tradition that Dol..
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Mozzarella Bufala Campana 1.10 lb
Seven provinces in Central-South Italy: Caserta and Salerno provinces, and part of Benevento, Naples..
Tagliatelle Pasta
The tagliatelle in the nest of Dolceterra is a durum wheat semolina pasta drawn bronze and dried slo..
Tyrolean dumplings with speck Alto Adige handmade
Traditional Tyrolean dumplings with speck Alto Adige handmade. Discover the taste of Tyrolean t..