Corsini 1921 - Tuscan breakfast biscuits Yogurt and chocolate

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The Corsinis have always been a large family and their family bakery was the starting point every morning for the customary breakfast of the adults and children together. This is how the tradition of the Corsini Breakfast Biscuits was established: these are specialities that respect the Tuscan tradition and the need of producing healthy energy, developed with different recipes in various shapes, tastes, and textures and ready to give you new emotions: Oswego, Bruchini, Sbadigli, Biscottoni, Briotost, Integrali, and others. The early bird catches the worm, and this is particularly true with the Corsini breakfast biscuits !

Casteldelpiano lies in the woods and green at the top of Mount Amiata overlooking the Tuscan Maremma Valley. Generous nature, sincere people taking pleasure in doing things properly, respect for the rules, no hurry, and a perfume of good things in the air. This is where the Corsini family’s story begins. A story of bread and biscuits, of the scent of butter, milk and wheat, a story that began in 1921 in the old family bakery of Corrado and Solidea Corsini. A story made up of a passion for good and genuine bakery products, made with a reverence for the ancient rules and unique family tradition. Since then, this family tradition has been handed down from father to son. Throughout the years, the dimensions of the firm have changed but the site of production, the company policy, the love of quality, the precision in selecting the ingredients, the respect for each and every production phase, the magic of that old original oven and the devotion of the entire family have remained unchanged. 

Untouched values, as they were in the past, that bear witness to a unique bakery art, dedicated to all those who love the most authentic tastes.

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