Taralli Sweet Lemon Glaze

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Brand: Dolceterra
Product Code: GD01
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Whenever you think of Traditional Italian cookies that can provide you with sweet memories, think Tarrali Sweet Lemon Glaze. With juicy lemons of Sorrento flavor, this cookie is dipped into a lemony glaze to provide you a soft, fragrant and genuine meal that is ideal for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It is an excellent substitute for bread and it is also tasty as a snack.
Taralli Sweet Lemon Glaze is hygienically prepared with soft wheat flour “0”, sugar, cloves, yeast, olive oil, white wine, lemon flavor, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Whether you are at work, home or at the beach, this is the perfect healthy bite that will never disappoint your palate. This is the perfect cookie for you, your friends and family. Get Taralli Sweet Lemon Glaze, get your palate trickled. 


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