Acetaia Malpighi - Saporoso 6.76 OZ

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Balsamic Vinegar Acetaia Malpighi, is located about 7km outside of Modena, surrounded by vineyards in the town of San Donnino, and their lofts are part of a very well-appointed complex where they make balsamico in this traditional way. Unlike conventional Balsamic vinegar, which are made from wine or fermented fruit juices, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is made of the unfermented grape juice (called must) which is condensed by heating and aging.

It is truly a craft, grown out of a cottage industry where each household would make enough for themselves and to give as gifts througout the year. As a result, each Balsamic Vinegar has its own style, with variances in the subtle nuances of flavors. Like wine, each year's grapes are different, and the sweetness and acidity of the must varies accordingly. 

The "Healing Powers of Balsamic Vinegar" describes the natural powers of balsamic vinegar. Its potassium content helps reduce high blood pressure; beta-carotene helps fight cancer-causing free radicals and boosts the immune system; boron helps metabolize bone-builders, calcium and magnesium; insoluble fiber reduces cholesterol.

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