Chocolate Dragee Eggs

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Perfect as a gift. For your Easter our delicious chocolate dragee eggs. By Confetti Crispo, Italian quality.
Choice of raw materials, attention to detail and innovative presentations have been and are the basic elements of the company’s success. The philosophy of Confetti Crispo combines the tradition of over 100 years of manufacturing history with innovation in the search for new combinations of flavors, fragrances and colors, to create something that, starting from simple raw materials, overturning the original concept of the dragee.
Confetti Crispo has always been characterized by the attention in the search for raw materials that are processed with excellent craftsmanship. Attention to detail and innovative presentations have been and are the cornerstones of our success. 
Confetti Crispo today is directed by Mr. Michael Crispo supported very well for twenty years by his sons, Gianfranco and Saviero who work with the same enthusiasm that has always characterized the work of the Parent. After several years, there are still many projects to be implemented according to plans of the company but with a specific mission: the production and launch of new and attractive product ranges with the creation of something always entirely original.


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