Calabrian pancetta DOP

Calabrian pancetta DOP

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CALABRIAN BACON (Pancetta della Calabria DOP). By far the most loved cured meat in Italy from the very north down to the very south of the country, juicy and tasty, bacon keeps everyone happy. In particular, Calabrian bacon has a unique peculiarity: it undergoes careful salting, spiced with the most fragrant Calabrian chili pepper, and then seasoned in between sila’s own mountains.

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DOP Pancetta di Calabria aka Salumi di Calabria: Soppressala, Capocollo, Salsiccia, and Pancetta are matured sausages, some in pork casings, made from meat from pigs reared in Calabria, in compliance with the product specification, and with added natural seasoning. Maturing times vary from thirty to a hundred days, according to the product. Shapes vary according to the product but correspond to the descriptions in Article 4 of the product specification, reflecting traditional working methods, some of which involve processing by hand.

Geographical area: Products bearing the geographical designation "Calabria" must be produced using pork from pigs reared in Calabria, where the meat must also be prepared and processed.

Proof of origin: The origins of Calabrian sausages almost certainly go back to the time when the Greeks colonized the Ionian coastline and greatly influenced local culture by means of their settlements in Southern Italy. There is historical evidence of pigmeat being processed as far back as the seventeenth century. The first written reference dates from that time and can be found in a work entitled Delia Calabria Illustratawhich mentions widespread use of the special method of processing pigmeat. Centuries-old traditions have been preserved down the other things, of the spreading popularity of Calabrian gastronomic specialties. More recently sausage-making in Calabria was recorded in statistics published following the censuses carried out at the beginning of the nineteenth century under Joachim Murat. There is also evidence in those documents of the use of herbs and spices from local plants to enhance the flavor of the meat. The typical characteristics have been retained and the special production techniques used in the region make possible production of high organoleptic quality.

Pancetta di Calabria derives from the lower belly of the pig, including the rind. It is cut in a characteristic rectangular form, salted and matured for a short to the average period of time

Gastronomy: DOP Pancetta di Calabria should ideally be kept in cool dry place. This charcuterie product can be eaten raw, thinly sliced or cooked. In the Calabrian gastronomic tradition, it is often paired with the classic local salted bread, which is cooked in a wood-burning oven. DOP Pancetta di Calabria is used as an ingredient in various traditional Italian and regional recipes: pasta all’Amatriciana and Carbonara, with fresh broad beans or cooked legumes and polenta.

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