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Salame of Norcia

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In Umbria, are still nowadays employed traditional methods in meat preparation resulting in top quality charcuterie known in Italy under the name of 'Norcineria' (from the famous town of Norcia). 
Salame of Norcia - Balls is a true delicacy obtained from local, Umbrian pork meat. The preparation process includes it being flavoured with pepper and chilli and then smoked on oak wood, which confers to the meat its intense, typical flavour.

One of the highlights of dining in Umbria is the cured meats.  Many of them come from Norcia, a small village in the Valnerina that has become synonymous with great sausage and salami making (the Italian word for butcher shop is Norceria).  These skilled sausage makers obviously also had a sense of humor when they started naming their creations — Salame of Norcia are pork salamis that are always sold in pairs; Salame of Norcia Balls are also pork salamis.  These have become so famous (or infamous) that we often see Italian tourists from outside the region snapping photos and giggling at the butcher shop displays.

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