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Dolceterra Cheese Collection 04 (Valle d'Aosta)

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Dolceterra presents you with the best Italian cheese collection. One of the problems people face when it comes to selecting the best cheese is knowing how to select the quality, nutritious and healthy cheese. Dolceterra knows this and asks its experts to select the best-selling and the healthiest cheeses just for you.

From Castelmagno cheese Alpine Pasture, Fontina Cheese Alpine Pasture to Strawberry Mostarda Sauce, we present you the most delicious and aromatic cheeses in the world. When you buy this collection you will get:

Castelmagno Cheese – this is probably the best cheese you will ever taste. This hard cheese comes with a cylindrical shape and looks just like a small Parmigiano. With a scaly texture and strong flavour, you can never go wrong with Castelmagno Cheese.

Fontina Cheese Alpine Pasture – Fontina is one of the best cheeses that ever come from Italy. With a rich, mild and almost nutty taste, this cheese is perfect for melting. The DOP status of the cheese makes it authentic and quality cheese that can be consumed in all parts of the world.

Strawberry Mostarda Sauce – Hardly can you see someone who hates strawberry. This strawberry Mostarda Sauce combines organic cow’s milk with strawberry and mustard to give the world the most delicious cheese. With fruit notes and delicate taste, this is a perfect cheese for anyone who loves cheese.

All the three cheeses in this collection are best eaten alone or combined with salads, chocolate, vegetables and nuts. If you love wine, you can enjoy a glass of wine with any of the cheese in this collection. No cheese collection comes close to this Dolceterra Cheese Collection 04. A try will convince you.

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Talk of exquisite liqueur with subtle and fragrant flavors, Dolceterra Limoncello is the best. Dolceterra is proud to celebrate the Spring with our branded Limoncello. 

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