Italian Pecorino Brie

Italian Pecorino Brie

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Produced using whole cow’s milk, Dolceterra pecorino brie is a soft and creamy cheese that can make any gathering a memorable one. Whatever it touches will become more delicious and nutritious.

This Italian Pecorino Brie shows a pale yellow colour and soft dough that is buttery. We topped it with a soft white rind that delivers a delicate fragrance of yogurt and milk and a mild flavour, with a sweet taste.

It is simple, yet versatile, and goes well with nuts, fruits, prosecco and sandwich. This delicious cheese is the queen of cheeses because it is perfect for just any occasion. It is the most commonly consumed Italian cheese. So if you want to delight your palate, this fresh and sweet cheese is rich, aromatic, and delicious and makes everything it touches more delicious.

Whether you are eating it in the morning with tea or in the afternoon with nuts and a glass of wine or in the evening alongside sandwich and exotic wine, its creamy taste and flavour will make you ask for more.

With this Dolceterra Pecorino Brie, your day will never be dull again.

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