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Twist & Grate Grana Padano

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Made from unpasteurised, semi-skimmed cow’s milk aged for two years, Twist & Grate Grana Padano has a thick, firm and deeply straw-coloured rind protecting its fragrant, flaking, dry interior. As this cheese ages, its flavours become pronounced, while also becomes savoury and more crumbly.

Twist & Grate Grana Padano has a unique taste of Sicily and it is perfect on the table of every home. With its patented packaging, you just need to twist and turn the cap. It can be thinly shaved so it melts on your tongue. If you are really hungry, cut a large chunk for yourself and take a bite.

Twist & Grate Grana Padano pairs well with dried fruits and figs, sliced apple and a drizzle of honey. If you want a savoury snack, pair it with cured meat, olives or walnuts. Rich in texture, the fruity and nutty flavour of Twist & Grate Grana Padano pair well with a full-bodied, big Italian red wine such as Barolo or aromatic white wine.

Twist & Grate Grana Padano saltiness can also pair well with dessert wines. This cheese is also perfect with any of your favourite recipes that need a hard cheese. The nutritious value of this cheese is outstanding and it has been classified as P.D.O, which is a set of guidelines that ensure an authentic and quality cheese is sold under the name Grana Padano.

Twist & Grate Grana Padano from Dolceterra Italian Within on Vimeo.


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