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Tuscan Pecorino Il Forteto Re Nero

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Tuscan pecorino is an Italian cheese aged for 4 to 5 months. Its black crust brings back to memory the peasant custom to protect cheese by greasing it with ashes and olive oil dregs to extend the conservation.

Produced with pasteurised sheep’s milk, lactic ferments, salt and rennet, Tuscan Pecorino II Forteto Re Nero taste is Dolce and slightly fruity, with lactic and floral notes. It’s covered by a black rind and has a white, crumbly slightly rough paste.

This cheese is semi-hard in texture and ivory coloured in appearance and covered with a thin black wax coating. It is buttery and offers a delicate taste, which masks a slightly sharp streak to the palate.

Tuscan Pecorino II Forteto Re Nero is best enjoyed alone or with a glass of Chianti Classico. It can also be paired with pasta, salads, dishes and recipes. Cheese can’t be better than Tuscan Pecorino II Forteto Re Nero; grab a pack and enjoy.

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