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Cheese Refined in Valpolicella Black Cherries

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When you think of summer, cherry is likely the first thing that comes to mind. But you don’t have to wait until summer before you enjoy fresh and juicy Valpolicella black cherries. Dolceterra brings you Cheese Refined in Valpolicella Black Cherries so you can enjoy cherries all year long.

This cheese is famous for its taste and flavour. That is why it is a prize-winner of the 2005 IV Mountain Cheese Olympics. During the summer when cherries are fresh, this cheese is immersed in macerated cherries to give you the taste and flavour of cherries all year long.

Whether you are enjoying Cheese Refined in Valpolicella Black Cherries alone or pairing it with your favourite recipes, the taste and aroma will surely lighten your mood. Whatever the occasion, make sure this cheese is always around to make your friend and family happy.
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