Explore Calabrian culinary tradition with authentic 'Nduja from Spilinga by Dolceterra: a unique delight to savor and share!

Welcome to the immersive and flavorful world of 'Nduja from Spilinga, a gastronomic journey that takes us straight to the heart of Calabrian culinary tradition. Dolceterra, the e-commerce dedicated to high-quality Italian food, is your ideal companion to discover and appreciate the uniqueness of this delicacy directly at your table, anywhere in the United States.

A tale of roots and traditions
The 'Nduja, a renowned cured sausage typical of the Calabrian region, catapults us back in time, landing us in Spilinga, a charming village in the province of Vibo Valentia. Its name, derived from the Latin "inducere," refers to the ancient practice of introducing the mixture into the casing, a technique passed down through the centuries. This traditional recipe gives 'Nduja its extraordinary creamy texture, transforming it into a unique salami, perfect for spreading on bread or bruschettas.
Despite commonly being referred to as Calabrian 'Nduja, it's crucial to emphasize its authentic origin in Spilinga. The town hosts one of the oldest festivals in the region, celebrated every August 8th since 1975, honoring the rich tradition of this delicious cured meat. Dolceterra is committed to bringing the true spirit of Spilinga directly to your homes, offering the original 'Nduja for an authentic experience.

Versatility in the kitchen: from bruschettas to unique pizzas
The versatility of 'Nduja knows no bounds, transforming any dish into a culinary masterpiece. From appetizers to main courses, its unique flavor profile harmonizes seamlessly with bruschettas and grissini, creating a perfect start to your meal. Its creamy consistency also makes it ideal as a topping for pasta dishes, particularly delightful with Gragnano IGP pasta, such as paccheri or scialatielli.
Traditional Calabrian recipes offer additional creative inspirations: from the 'Nduja and Caciocavallo Silano timbale to the irresistible baked zucchinis stuffed with this delectable salami. A must-try is the bean soup with 'Nduja, a dish that fully embodies the richness of flavors of the regional tradition. Also, explore the eggplant and 'Nduja meatballs, perfect to pair with tuna and aromatic herbs, creating a simple yet extraordinarily flavorful dish.

Discover originality with Dolceterra
The 'Nduja from Spilinga is not just a salami but an authentic artisanal excellence. Guarded jealously by local families, the original recipe is passed down from generation to generation, giving this product a rare authenticity. Dolceterra is dedicated to bringing this authenticity directly to your homes, ensuring a culinary journey that highlights the taste and originality of Calabrian tradition.
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