Acetaia Malpighi - White Balsamic Prelibato

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Prelibato, the white balsamic condiment, Acetaia Malpighi uses the best part of the grape “Trebbiano Modenese”, the method of crushing is soft and slow. The juice obtained from this soft crushing is white, transparent and it is filtred to obtain the Prelibato White Balsamic Condiment, after this operation the juice is centrifuged to make it dense without the cooking process and aged in ash barrels for 5 years. The Malpighi family decided to use the ash wood for its delicate aroma and its clear colour.

Suitable on fish (saltwater fish and freshwater fish), crustacean, molluscs, caviar and on all type of fresh fruit.

Acetaia Malpighi, is located about 7km outside of Modena, surrounded by vineyards in the town of San Donnino, and their lofts are part of a very well-appointed complex where they make balsamico in this traditional way. Unlike conventional vinegars, which are made from wine or fermented fruit juices, aceto balsamico tradizionale is made of the unfermented grape juice (called must) which is condensed by heating and aging. It is truly a craft, grown out of a cottage industry where each household would make enough for themselves and to give as gifts througout the year. As a result, each Special White Balsamic. The gentle, smooth and well-balanced flavour is perfect to be used in a variety of recipes, from simple salads up to more elaborated dishes. It's ideal on fish and on white meats because the colour doesn't "stain" the dishes.

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