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Caciocavallo dell'Emigrante

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The cheese is a semi-hard cheese of ancient origin. The name derives from the ancient custom of hanging the cheese, cacio, in pairs linked by a noose, riding wooden perches near the hearth, to encourage the formation of the outer bark and the subsequent maturing process. It has a thin crust, smooth, pale yellow and marked homogeneous and compact; It has a delicate flavor that becomes hot during curing period ranging from 60 days to over 12 months.

At the beginning of ' 900, around the CILENTO, the phenomenon of emigration, especially to America. Our fellow countrymen felt the need to export our flavors, among them, there were the cheese and cured meats ... but it was forbidden to wear the meats and thought to hide inside the caciocavalli ... Thus the "Caciocavallo dell'emigrante" ... Made from cow's milk and soppressata or pork sausage. Processing and seasoning similar to the hollow interior stuffed with cheese.


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