Colomba of Verona
Colomba of Verona
Colomba of Verona
Colomba of Verona

Colomba of Verona

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In the Heart of Goodness
Bauli's sourdough is a unique process that goes through time and is renewed with each of our specialties. We keep it with care, we work it with respect, we let it rise for 30 hours, to make it become that taste and softness that have always been our signature.

An Original Bauli Recipe
Inspired by the Easter cake tradition. All that remains is to taste it and love it. Because goodness needs no definition.
We could also call it "intuition", "creation", "idea". La Colomba di Verona is an exquisite confectionery work.

Ingredients: "0" type soft wheat flour, sugar, fresh eggs, butter, natural yeast (wheat), almonds (3.7%), emulsifiers: mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, impalpable sugar (1%), oil of sunflower seeds, rice flour, salt, egg white powder, skimmed milk powder, flavorings. May contain other nuts and soy.

Made of excellence only
There is the generous taste of whole almonds, the sweetness of icing and icing sugar that embellish a soft dough, without candied fruit, made of selected flour, fresh eggs, quality butter. There is the special fragrance of Bauli sourdough and there is the desire to surprise you with a taste without preservatives, simple, tasty, inimitable.

The secret? It's always the same, always
And above all, there is the fragrance guaranteed by the Madre Bauli pasta, unique as our story. A story that always surprises you, giving you sweetness with a simple, tasty, inimitable flavor.

Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy

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