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Emilian salami

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When we think of traditional food in Italy, a thousand and one meals overbear our imagination.
The history of our country is accompanied, as if they were the musical instruments of an orchestra, by the various delicacies that each region offers to paint a mosaic of flavours unique in its kind.
For this is Italy: united under the banner of good food, divided under the one of the best. A competition from region to region that is well received by those who find themselves acting as judges in this competition of national cuisine.
And in front of complex and refined dishes, we may be surprised to see the rise of one of the oldest dishes but also the most loved by the people of the Bel Paese: the salami.
After all, we are the nation of cold cuts and sausages, of sliced meats and of two thousand different types of bread: from the highly acclaimed Apulian to the Tuscan, so much less salty. And what is the best partner for a loaf? The salami of course, in its thousand and one variations.
From the famous Salame di Felino to the Tuscan salami, with a strong flavour to balance the salt free snacks.
Finally, the Emilian Salami, which we propose here, which uses as much salt as necessary, so as not to have to drown its flavor in the water during the meal. Everyone creates their own salami, some with fennel, some with chilli.
Emilian Salami chooses the quality of the meat and gives it space: grains of black pepper, white wine, a little salt and the best seasoning that lasts approximately two months. No superfluous spices, no coating to cover the flavor of the pork.
Because, as often happens, beauty lies in simplicity. However, there are some ingredients, not the method that comes from the best traditions and selections, with drying and maturing rooms that can preserve all the flavour that can be contained in a single salami.
All you have to do is taste it for yourself: the melody of the knife that breaks the bread crust, accompanied by the deaf sound of the salami on the cutting board. The scent and then the flavor.
The meal is served!

1 Kg. ca.
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