Fontana di Trevi Biscuit Tin

Fontana di Trevi Biscuit Tin

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A precious gift tin to celebrate one of the most marvellous fountains in the world. Beautiful pack. Perfect gift for every occasion.

The use of high quality authentic noble old recipes, our special processing methods and the respect of long production times are the secrets of our specialties with their unique and original taste. We have deliberately chosen to keep the tradition handed down for over a century alive because we believe that this is the only way to guarantee the quality, the flavours and the aromas that distinguish us and that make our products unique.
The authenticity is guaranteed by the choice and by the use of natural, noble and carefully selected ingredients. We use, in fact, only fresh eggs and milk, wild flower honey, the creamiest butter and flour and sugar of the highest quality.

All these elements and our passion make our products unique and are the secrets of our success since 1890.

The Fontana di Trevi biscuit tin 250g contains: Favole with chocolate drops 250g, Favole with fruit drops 250g.


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