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Colomba di Pasqua Fratelli Motta famous Sicilian pastry is a traditional Italian Easter yeast bread enriched with fabulous Sicilian Lemon and Spreadable cream in addiction an elegant bottle of Limoncello Liqueur. It is shaped like a dove. It is shaped like a dove (colomba in Italian), the symbol of peace and resurrection. Soft and fragrant, colomba is rich with butter and eggs, and filled with raisins and candied orange peel. Topping it off is a baked-on almond icing that is applied before baking, giving it a sweet, crisp crust. The bread dough starts with a sponge that must rest overnight and then the dough requires two rising times. Traditional colombas are baked in dove-shaped paper molds. Colomba is a wonderful addition to an Easter brunch or an appropriate finish to Easter dinner.

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