Malfy Gin 'Limoncello'
Malfy Gin 'Limoncello'

Malfy Gin 'Limoncello'

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Malfy Gin 'Limoncello' Con Limone is adored for its lemon, coriander, citrus and juniper flavor notes.

This Gin is carefully distilled at Torino Distillati distillery, Italy.

Based on 50 votes, the average rating for Malfy Gin Con Limone is 9.3/10.

Top reviews for Malfy Gin Con Limone:

— Lemony and delightful. Just add some club soda and enjoy

— This is now my favorite gin. If you're looking for an intense juniper experience, look elsewhere. I, personally, only like a strong hint of juniper, and this drink hits that mark perfectly. This is a GREAT sipping gin, and makes a perfect G+T with nothing but tonic and Malfy. If you're not a fan of citrus or looking for serious juniper flavor, you'll likely be disappointed.

— 1st class gin! A subtle reminder of the Mediterranean, citrus lemon flavoured, but not too overpowering. Very refreshing and tasty!! Top marks!!

This is a perfect gin for a martini with a twist of lemon. It is very refreshing for a summer cocktail.

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