Mix d'Italia - Dolceterra Collection

Mix d'Italia - Dolceterra Collection

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Featuring the finest Italian products, Mix D’italia gift basket delivers an authentic taste and aroma of the Mediterranian. This basket is loaded with the sweetest cheese with unmistakable aroma, extra virgin olive oil, sweet balsamic vinegar, wild fruit mustard and a classic bite of salami.

Of course, your meal is not complete without a classic wine that is why we have included Classic Valpolicella wine in this basket. If you enjoy fruits, we’ve also included fruit crate handles in this basket just for you. Whatever occasion it is, you will find this Italian gift basket perfect because Dolceterra experts curated it to satisfy all your needs.

Here is what you get when you order Mix D’italia Dolceterra gift basket:

·         Fruit crate handles mis. 30x21x14 cm.
·         PDO Parmigiano Reggiano aged over 22 months 1 kg. Agriform.
·         Piave Vecchio DOP aged over 12 months 250 gr. Gold of Time.
·         Monte veronese d’allevo DOP 250 gr. Agriform.
·         Asiago DOP/PDO Stagionato 250 gr. Agriform.
·         Aromatic sage and rosemary cheese 300 gr. Corrado Benedetti.
·         Classic bite of salami 230 gr. Corrado Benedetti.
·         Wild fruit mustard 220 gr. Corrado Benedetti.
·         Onions in balsamic vinegar 280 gr. Pantry of flavors.
·         Extra virgin olive oil Selection 500 ml. Franzosi.
·         Classic Valpolicella wine 750 ml. Pantry of flavors.
    Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy

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