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Nduja - Spicy Calabrian Sausage

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'Nduja' is a type of cured salami, made from genuine pork and flavored with ground hot chili pepper. It has its roots in ancient Greek and Roman kitchens, but it was also enjoyed by the Normans, Spanish and French. 'Nduja! is a typical Calabrian product.
Its versatility is amazing. Spread it on a bruschetta, or spice up your favorite pizza, add to your favorite chili recipe. It also makes a great sandwich spread. Our favorite is Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and a dollop of 'Nduja! 

An Italian food magazine has crowned 2016 the “year of 'Nduja”, a period when the Calabrian sausage conquered the West. The answer, perhaps, lies in its versatility: Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton says it's “cool to cook with” and serves it up with onions at one of his London restaurants. Jacob Kenedy, who runs Bocca di Lupo in the London, says the popularity is down to flavor: “Nduja deserves to be popular because it is fiery-hot and piggy, which are two very good things together.” Pigs used in the production of 'Nduja must be fed in the traditional way - with a diet of cereal, pumpkin, acorns and nuts.

It is then smoked and formed and can last for up to two years - gaining flavor over time.
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