Orange Jam Fontana Bio
Orange Jam Fontana Bio
Orange Jam Fontana Bio
Orange Jam Fontana Bio

Orange Jam Fontana Bio

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Orange jam is a zesty breakfast spread that provides you with lots of nutrients. The delicious tangy natural orange flavour of this jam marries well with the hint of bitterness, neither of which overpowers the sweetness.

Made with organic oranges and cane sugar, this spread will surely melt your mouth. It is ideal for rusks and toast, as well as snacks. Spread it on your desserts or cake and you will be delighted with the goodness and authenticity of Sicily’s most satisfying citrus fruit.

Oranges don’t stay around throughout the year that is why we are making it easy for you to enjoy orange throughout the year. If you love orange spread and looking for the perfect one for your favourite recipes, look no further than Dolceterra orange jam.

Without this delicious spread, your pantry is not complete. If you can’t finish it at once, keep the remaining in the fridge or your pantry.

Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy

Talk of exquisite liqueur with subtle and fragrant flavors, Dolceterra Limoncello is the best. Dolceterra is proud to celebrate the Spring with our branded Limoncello. 

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