Organic honey and pollen bar with dried fruit (N° 4 Bar)
Organic honey and pollen bar with dried fruit (N° 4 Bar)
Organic honey and pollen bar with dried fruit (N° 4 Bar)
Organic honey and pollen bar with dried fruit (N° 4 Bar)
Organic honey and pollen bar with dried fruit (N° 4 Bar)
Organic honey and pollen bar with dried fruit (N° 4 Bar)

Organic honey and pollen bar with dried fruit (N° 4 Bar)

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Organic Honey and Pollen Bar with dried fruit (N° 5 bar) is made from purely organic ingredients that are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. This nutritious snack is perfect for a mid-morning boost to stave off hunger before lunch or as an energy booster for marathon runners or cyclists.

Not everyone has the time to fly to the ancient forests and mountains of central Europe in order to pick up the pollen directly from the Danube or the carpets of flowers that bloom in June in Tuscany. But with our Organic Pollen Bar, you can easily experience this natural phenomenon and receive a dose of energy thanks to the goodness of dried fruits and organic honey!

This Organic Honey and Pollen Bar stands out for its taste, excellent nutrition and versatility: it can be consumed as a snack at any time of the day, but it is also appreciated by athletes as a source of energy.

What are the benefits of bee pollen?

Bee pollen is considered so beneficial that the Italian Board of Health recognizes it as medicine. Advocates are quick to tout the benefits of this so-called superfood, saying it can:

  • relieve inflammation
  • work as an antioxidant
  • boost liver health
  • strengthen the immune system
  • work as a dietary supplement
  • ease symptoms of menopause
  • reduce stress
  • speed up healing

Bees will save the planet

Bees, besides being wonderful animals, perform a fundamental task for life on our planet: the pollination of flowers and plants.

When bees fly from flower to flower to collect nectar (foraging) they also collect pollen and carry it from the male to the female part of the flower, thus performing fertilization and therefore reproduction.

Our honeys of Romagna
In our store you will find only six varieties of honey because we have made the choice to produce and sell only honeys made by us in our beloved Romagna, it is an unusual choice but we accept what our region offers us and we try to make the quality of the product our best asset.

Organic from day one
In May 1997 the first Queen Bee of Nucci Beekeeping was born from its bud and since then none of our bees have received chemical treatments or antibiotics. We believe in a clean and natural world, that's why Organic has been and will be our workhorse.

Respect for bees
We are aware that our work and our lives depend mostly on bees, so we do our best to respect them and make them live in places surrounded by nature and away from any source of pollution. Moreover, as a company philosophy, we have chosen not to process in any way the honey that our bees produce and never to heat it, in order to keep intact the nutrients, which are essential for human health.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I am a chiropractor and the number 1 health problem I see in my practice is digestive issues.

This bar is great, it tastes amazing and contains all the right ingredients to provide you with great nutrition and relief from digestive issues. If you are looking for something to help heal your gut, this is the product!

Joshua A
Really one of the best. As a college student

I have always struggled to eat healthily, but I found that this product had just enough sweetness and crunchiness to make it easy to eat in the morning. The taste was amazing, and the packaging was really fun, which made me want to eat it.

Japhet T
I LOVE these bars!!!

These bars are the perfect pre-workout snack! They are filling, but not heavy. They digest quickly without upsetting my stomach. I will definitely be ordering them again!

I will purchase this product again!!!

I have ordered this product more than once and it is one of my favorites. It tastes great, is easy to digest, and seems to be helping my overall health.

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