Pandorata Sicilian Easter Dove
Pandorata Sicilian Easter Dove
Pandorata Sicilian Easter Dove
Pandorata Sicilian Easter Dove

Pandorata Sicilian Easter Dove

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Traditional cake with fresh candied orange topped with almond icing, handwrapped.

Ingredients are chosen and selected only in our island’s production as sugar, vanilla, citrus honey, hazelnuts, that whet the palate with an unexpected mix of tastes and fragrances.

A slow and progressive dough rising process, that takes 36 hours, ensures quality and fragrance to our bakery products, fully respecting the traditions of “Madonie” cakes. The story of the Fiasconaro family starts in Castelbuono, a small town in Sicily’s Madonie Park, in the Fifties, and it eventually remains in Castelbuono.

This is where the brothers Fausto, Martino, and Nicola decided to maintain the administrative and production headquarters –the mind and the heart- of their exciting adventure. This story was originally started in 1953 by their father, Mario Fiasconaro, who over time managed to turn his small ice-cream parlour, located in the main square of the town, into a thriving business in the field of confectionary and catering. 

In the Nineties, thanks to the brilliant idea of the talented master confectioner Nicola, they developed a Sicilian version of the most traditional cake of Northern Italy i.e. the Colomba. 

This is how the Fiasconaro’s Colomba was born, the result of continuous research of flavors that represent the best of Sicilian confectionary. 

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