"Pepe Nero Cheese" - La Casara Roncolato

"Pepe Nero Cheese" - La Casara Roncolato

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Pepe Nero Cheese is an Italian, raw, cow’s milk cheese. It is aged for 20 days and then covered with pepper encrusted rind. Its pepper rind offers a sharp, spicy contrast that makes it delicious and aromatic.

This is a cheese with unmistakable quality and flavour. On the inside of this cheese, it has a white colour with small holes and black peppercorns. Its taste is strong with the aroma of cow’s milk and spice. Pepe Nero Cheese aftertaste is long, full and spicy that is why a lot of people love it.

This cheese can be enjoyed alone alongside a cup of red or white wine or paired with your favourite dishes or recipes. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, Pepe Nero Cheese is always available to quash your hunger and put a smile on your face.

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