Perfect Starter Pack

Perfect Starter Pack

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Delicate Pale Ale Beer is born with a straw colored with ancient gold glares.
It is light in its body and with a moderate alcoholic strength and present some traces of bitter sweetly released from the aroma of the English Hops
Water, malt, hops, yeast
(4,8% Vol)

American Pale Ale Style beer with final Dry Hopping.
The slightly malty body balances the high level of bitter given back an essential freshness to the taste.
Water, malt, hops, yeast
(5,7% Vol)

 330 ml

Taralli with Chili of Pugliese tradition
The typical round shape is accompanied by a great aroma, a delicate flavour and a pleasantly friable texture that makes them irresistible. 
The Taralli with Chili  are one of the most appreciated and well-known products typical of Pugliese tradition. Simple ingredients and a secret: wholemeal durum wheat semolina, which is what gives the Tarallini their characteristic friability.
This is a perfect snack any time of the day and are perfectly paired with vegetables in oil and salumi for a rustic Italian Appetiser.

Package:  250 ML - 9 OZ.

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