Polline di Fiori Bio - Organic flower pollen
Polline di Fiori Bio - Organic flower pollen
Polline di Fiori Bio - Organic flower pollen
Polline di Fiori Bio - Organic flower pollen

Polline di Fiori Bio - Organic flower pollen

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Polline di Fiori bio is a natural diet supplement made from organic flower pollen carefully dehumidified at low temperatures to keep its properties intact. Pollen is an important product because it is rich in proteins, amino acids, omega 3 and omega 6. 

This pollen has been collected by honey bees during their foraging activity and brought to the beehive, where it is stored and used as food for the colony.

Polline di Fiori Bio is the queen of the hive and a source of food for the bees. As a plant product, it is one of the few complete foods available to the human body and contains substances not found in most plants. This is completely natural, healthy and delicious.

Here are 11 health benefits of bee pollen, backed by science.

Impressive Nutritional Profile With More Than 250 Active Substances.

High Antioxidant Content Protects From Free Radicals and Chronic Diseases.

May Lower Heart Disease Risk Factors Like High Blood Lipids and Cholesterol.

May Boost Liver Function and Protect Your Liver From Toxic Substances.

Packs Several Compounds With Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

May Help You Avoid Illness by Boosting Immunity and Killing Bacteria.

May Aid Wound Healing and Prevent Infections.

May Have Anticancer Properties.

May Ease Menopausal Symptoms Like Hot Flashes.

May Improve Nutrient Utilization, Metabolism and Longevity.

Safe for Most People and Easy to Add to Your Diet.

Bees will save the planet.
Bees, besides being wonderful animals, perform a fundamental task for life on our planet: the pollination of flowers and plants.

When bees fly from flower to flower to collect nectar (foraging) they also collect pollen and carry it from the male to the female part of the flower, thus performing fertilization and therefore reproduction.

Our honeys of Romagna
In our store you will find only six varieties of honey because we have made the choice to produce and sell only honeys made by us in our beloved Romagna, it is an unusual choice but we accept what our region offers us and we try to make the quality of the product our best asset.

Organic from day one
In May 1997 the first Queen Bee of Nucci Beekeeping was born from its bud and since then none of our bees have received chemical treatments or antibiotics. We believe in a clean and natural world, that's why Organic has been and will be our workhorse.

Respect for bees
We are aware that our work and our lives depend mostly on bees, so we do our best to respect them and make them live in places surrounded by nature and away from any source of pollution. Moreover, as a company philosophy, we have chosen not to process in any way the honey that our bees produce and never to heat it, in order to keep intact the nutrients, which are essential for human health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I take this every day

I really think it is good for you. This helps to keep you healthy.

S. Wheeler
Highly recommend this

Pure and Organic product, really good for health.

I am definitely purchasing more of this product

It made a noticeable difference in my husband's health and well-being.

This is the most potent pollen I've ever tried

It's really good to get your immune system back on track when you catch something.

I am so glad to have found this product

I am allergic to many things but haven't had any problems with this pollen. It was delivered on time and was very well packaged.

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