Principe Pignatelli DOP Molise - Delicate
Principe Pignatelli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil DOP - Delicate
Principe Pignatelli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil DOP - Delicate
Principe Pignatelli DOP Molise - Delicate
Principe Pignatelli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil DOP - Delicate
Principe Pignatelli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil DOP - Delicate

Principe Pignatelli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil DOP - Delicate

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Delicate has a fruity taste with a lightly spicy aftertaste, excellent with every kind of dish.
Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend obtained from a careful selection of “Gentile di Larino”, “Leccino”, “White Paesana” and “Black Paesana” olive monovarieties of Isernia and Alto Molise areas. The Classico E.V.O. Oil is very appreciated, with a gold green color.EVO Principe Pignatelli - A Taste of History. A golden thread across the centuries.
Discover the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil  of the Castle Monteroduni, 'Prince Pignatelli'.
The Castle an impressive fortress with a stunning view over an Olive Grove and vineyard and is headquartered of the Azienda Agricola Principe Pignatelli.
An ancient, precious tradition perpetuated through the centuries to be enhanced today thanks to state-of-the-art, sophisticated technology. Discover the history, the land and the precious characteristics of Principe Pignatelli Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

The Farm
Made in Italy Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Azienda Agricola Principe Pignatelli of Monteroduni products include Classic Extra Virgin, DOP, BIO and Mono-variety Molise oils.
The most remarkable characteristic of our oils is their very high quality: these are cold-pressed olive oils produced exclusively by mechanized procedures. Their harmonious organoleptic profile, characterized by very low acidity, makes Olio Pignatelli the best oil to use as a dressing or to prepare typical Molisane preserves.

Our three oils-Classic, Molise DOP and BIO- are prepared from carefully selected autochthonous varieties from certified olive groves, located in appropriated areas according to procedural guidelines.Extra Virgin Mono-variety Olive Oils are produced from a special selection of Molise autochthonous cultivars and from allochthonous cultivars which, over the years, proved able to acclimate to local conditions.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Principe Pignatelli is a high level Italian product, resulting from century- old selection processes, studies and territorial enhancement as well as specific processing techniques able to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of our oil.
The excellent raw material, together with accurate processing techniques and to cultivars care and selection ensure very high quality standards.

The Land
An Ideal Land for Olive Farming
An inhabited territory from pre-historical times, the Samnite Frentani and Pentri people who were the first settlers of Molise called the region Samnium. Originally a Roman dominium, it was later on dominated by the Longobards, Normans, Suebians a nd Anjou, until it became known as Molise after the establishment of the eponymous county, in the XI century.

Mostly a hilly area, the region is particularly apt for olive farming, practiced in the whole area from antiquity. Encircled by mountain ridges which define its northern, southern and eastern borders, the interior of the region enjoys a microclimate particularly apt for olive and grape farming. Such geo-morphologic characteristics, together with its ancient farming tradition, make the region an ideal place for olive oil production.

The three thousand century-old olive trees of the Pignatelli Farm grow over a 100-hectars hilly land, 250 meters above sea level, in a ecologic niche characterized by the benign combination of contrasting bio-climatic elements, the Mediterranean and Continental ones.
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