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Salame Finocchiona

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Finocchiona Salame is one of the most loved Italian Tuscan pork products. Its name was derived from “fennel,” or “finocchio,” used to flavour the lean pork shoulder and the cheek fat used in sausages. This sausage is made from finely ground lean pork meat, amalgamated with excellent cubes of bacon loin and black peppercorns.

When you cut Salame Finocchiona, the slices are really compact with the fat cubes distributed uniformly. It has persistent and intense flavour, with an authentic taste that completely satisfies the palates of connoisseurs of great food.

Salame Finocchiona is suitable for any occasion, whether an important dinner or a snack. Get the original Salame Finocchiona from Italy and enjoy it like no other sausage.

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