Strawberries Jam Fontana Bio
Strawberries Jam Fontana Bio

Strawberries Jam Fontana Bio

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A good strawberry jam is just like summer in the jar. Whether you enjoy strawberries jam as part of a traditional cream tea, a smoother on toast or sandwich in a Victoria sponge cake, strawberries jam is the tastiest sweet spread ever.

Chunky and lovely, with organic fruit pieces and seeds, this spread offers a balanced texture and unique berry flavours. It is luxuriously smooth, thick and plentiful with a glossy and dark appearance.

Strawberries jam is about as classic as it comes. Organic apples, strawberries, and sugar cane combine for a taste of early summer that lasts all year long. If you love strawberry for its simple sweetness, flavour and refreshing taste, this is the right jam for you.

If you are looking for something that brings adults and children together, smiling, look no further than our strawberries jam. Whether it is fresh yogurt, aged cheeses, cakes, bread, and butter or lard colonnade, this spread will melt your taste bud.

It offers a genuine and natural taste of the fruit that provides you with energy and boosts your mood to be active at work. If you love strawberries, sneak a jar of this jam in your bag while going out because you never know when hunger will come knocking. Enjoy the spread with your favourite recipes!

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