Sweet Emotions - Italian Chocolate Collection 03

Sweet Emotions - Italian Chocolate Collection 03

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Italian chocolate is probably the most aphrodisiac chocolate on the planet. Well, that's what I heard! You can taste it yourself with these Dolceterra Chocolate Fine Collection!

Refined box, contains:

  • 1 “CREMA GIANDUIA”, Gianduia spread cream 125 g ;
  • 1 “CREMINO LATTE e FONDENTE”, Double flavour cremino , milk and dark chocolate 120 g ;
  • 1 “CHOCOSCIOLGO”, 2 sticks of dark chocolate , to melt in hot milk 50g ;
  • 1 “GRUE’ DI CACAO”, Little box with caramelised cocoa nibs coated with dark chocolate;
  • 4 “BONITI”, Single packaging praline with gianduia
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