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Tuscany Ham 'Sgambato Pepatello'

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Made using the typical spices of the Tuscan tradition, pepper and garlic, Tuscany Ham ‘Sgambato Pepatello’ is the traditional Tuscan representing the best ham of the land.
Tuscany Ham ‘Sgambato Pepatello’ is made with 100 percent Italian pigs that are born, bred, fattened, slaughtered and processed in Tuscany. It is characterized by its distinctive shape, flavor and taste. This ham undergoes an aging process for 12-16 months, after which it takes the color ranging from bright red to light red. It is one of the best you can ever lay your hands on because it contains a low amount of fat.

Tuscany Ham ‘Sgambato Pepatello’ is specially prepared with sea salt, garlic, juniper berries and black pepper, giving it its intense aroma and a spicy flavor, along with unmistakable taste. It is soft to the touch, yet compact.
Tuscany Ham ‘Sgambato Pepatello’ can be eaten alone or combined with Tuscan ‘sciocco’ bread along with a glass of Chianti. If you love fruits, you can enjoy it with kiwi, pineapple, figs, melon or even seasonal salads and vegetables.
It is also an excellent starter and can be used as a filling for schiacciata bread or sandwich. Once cut store in the fridge.

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