Tutti A Tavola - Dolceterra Collection

Tutti A Tavola - Dolceterra Collection

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The joy of sitting around the table with friends and family during the holidays is matched by the joy brought by favorite sweet cheese with unmistakable aroma paired with an excellent sauce. With Tutti a Tavola gift basket, the lucky recipient will have everything needed to host a big feast and satisfy guests.

From Grana Padano aged over 20 months to give intense aroma to Piave old DOP seasoned over 12 months sliced with grit slicer and served with candied apple mustard alongside fresh montasio and caciottona organic goat refined in the hay, the recipient will be elated at how highly you place them.

In this gift basket packaged in a signature Dolceterra gift basket, here is what you or your recipient gets:

·         Dolcererra Brown wooden tray with heart mis.40x28x9 cm.
·         Grit slicer.
·         Grain knife.
·         Grana Padano DOP aged over 20 months 250 gr. Gold Reserve of Time.
·         Piave old DOP seasoned over 12 months 250 gr. Gold of the time.
·         Asiago breed PDO seasoned 250 gr. Agriform.
·         Fresh Montasio PDO 250 gr. Agriform.
·         Caciottona organic goat refined in hay 300gr. Perenzin.
·         Candied apples mustard 220 gr. Corrado Benedetti.
·         Elegant Christmas Gift Box

Don’t miss out on this loaded Italian gift basket!
Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy

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