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Gift hamper: 5 artisan-made salami Apulia
This gift hamper produced by artisan company Salumi Salcuno will delight both eyes and palate, enabl..
$68.00 $60.00
Prosciutto di Parma DOP (Piece Weigh 3.5 lbs)
The production of genuine Parma Ham is the story of a special relationship between man and nature. S..
$55.00 $49.00
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Traditional Culatello Zibello Fiocco  - Whole 70.54 oz
Fiocco Culatello the thigh of the swine worked and seasoned, in that magic band of earth on the shor..
$190.00 $154.00
Guanciale Norcia - Peppered (Whole) 49.3 oz
Guanciale is cured unsmoked Italian pig jowls or cheeks. The word Guanciale comes from the Italian w..
Pancetta Norcia - Peppered (Whole) 5.5 lbs
"Bacon makes everything better.” That’s one of our favorite sayings in the test kitchen, and it help..
Mortadella Bologna IGP 2.20 lbs
We discovered this amazing product on a trip to bologna to discover the artisan producers of mortade..
Traditional Coppa Salami
These sausages are made using the muscle starting at the neck of the pig, so raw, often after being ..
Traditional "Pancetta with Herbs"
"Bacon makes everything better.” That’s one of our favorite sayings in the test kitchen, and it help..
Salame of Norcia - Balls 1.10 lbs
In Umbria, are still nowadays employed traditional methods in meat preparation resulting in top qual..
Salame of Norcia - 1.10 lbs
This product can only be found in the Norcia area and its historical origin appears to be linked to ..
Traditional Soppressata - Whole 28 oz.
Made using pure pork meats with a traditional coarsely minced mixture. Scented with garlic. Wonderfu..
Traditional Culatello Strolghino (box n° 3 Salami)
This wonderful Salame is prepared with the left lean meat of Culatello and Fiocchetto; it is minced ..
Speck Alto Adige P.G.I. - 31 oz.
The typical flavour profile of Speck Alto Adige P.G.I. should first and foremost be attributed to it..
Smoked goose breast
An extraordinary discover. Traditions have forged this incredible product. Breasts together with..
Tuscan Sbriciolona al Finocchio - Whole 18 oz.
The typical Tuscan Sbriciolona, is flavored with fennel flowers. It has a special taste and an unusu..
Typical Tuscan Salami - Whole 17.6 oz.
The Tuscan salame is the traditional Tuscan sausage for an excellence which you will never forget to..
Tuscany Garlic sausages and chili Oil Seeds-Riped 35.30 oz
"I've tried several recipes for Italian sausage and this one is by far the best.​" This sausa..
Tuscany Ham 'Sgambato Pepatello' 2.30 lbs
Tuscany Ham 'Sgambato Pepatello' 2.30 lbs Fresh leg of pork seasoned with salt, spices and season..
$72.00 $60.00
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Tuscan Truffle Salame & Wild Boar Salame  (n°2 Whole 18 oz.)
From a top producer based in Tuscany! Tuscan Truffle Salame Whole 18 oz. This truffle salam..
$67.00 $57.00