Culatello Zibello Fiocco - Whole 4.41 lbs

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Fiocco Culatello the thigh of the swine worked and seasoned, in that magic band of earth on the shores of the Po in the province of Parma.

Here it is produced what the " King of the meats" is considered.


Among the true ones "jewels" of the Italian handicraft production. The Culatello is gotten only by the thigh of the boned adult swine, the best part, the more appreciated, that after a careful "rifilatura" (trimming) it is carefully salty and massaged to make the salt to penetrate in depth. The magisterial hand made binding gives it the characteristic pear form, making every piece different to the other. It will be the nature, with the particular damp and misty winter, to do that a precious jewel, to maintain it soft, and mature to the best, absorbing those fantastic aromas that make it unmistakable. This is the first phase of the seasoning, in winter.

Subsequently in the summer - that from these parts is very warm but as well as humid -the meat will finish its maturation, ready to come on our tables, but only later at least one year of seasoning. One long and calm year, in which the Culatello will have matured completely and it will be ready to give you its extraordinary perfumes and aromas, and to bewitch you with its sweetness and softness.

It´s not so long that the consortium of guardianship is constituted. Only the Culatello with the mark DOP is guaranteed and checked.

Be careful!

To best keep culatello, wrap it up in a cloth, best if linen, and kept in a cool place which must not be a fridge which would deaden the taste. Accompanying Wine Culatello in its magnificence, is able to co-habitate with the highest personality, as well as with s imple and popular resources. We advise the elegant and cheeky dry Malvasia, or Fortana , a red wine slightly fizzy. 

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