Solerno liqueur of Sicilian Blood Oranges

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Celebrating the original and naturally intense flavour of Sicilian blood oranges, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur collects the fragrant essential oils of Sicily’s blood oranges, picked at the peak of their season – winter through early spring. The oranges are married with other ingredients, including lemon and orange, to create an elegant and refined liqueur.  Vibrant, delicate and complex, Solerno is a true expression of Italian Radiance captured in an authentic Italian Murano style glass design.

Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur brings a bright and fresh flavour to modern interpretations of classic cocktails, original creations, and effortless Italian-inspired aperitivos.



On the sun-drenched slopes of Sicily’s Mt. Etna grows an extraordinary citrus: Sanguinello, Sicily’s blood orange. Locally, it is known as Arancia Rossa, for the deep crimson hue of its flesh. It is a natural jewel of the Mediterranean—the deeper the colour, the bolder the flavour contained within. There are only a few short months during the Mediterranean winter when the nighttime temperature drops to the perfect point… It is during this window of time that the Arancia Rossa bursts with an intense, bittersweet and almost spicy flavour. It is then and only then that the blood orange is ready for picking.Solerno is the creation of famed Hendrick’s Gin, Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie.

Tasting Notes:

The nose bursts with whole-fruit blood orange, orange blossom and a hint of bright and zesty lemon. The palate yields a velvety sweetness, balancing tartness, and the full body of an 80 proof/ 40% abv spirit with a lasting, dry finish.


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