‘SORRENTO’ Love is Yellow - Dolceterra Olive Oil (Handmade Painted)

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Brand: Dolceterra
Product Code: LOVE01
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Produced with olives on the Amalfi Coast, Aromatic and genuine, ‘SORRENTO’ Love is Yellow  - Dolceterra™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents the perfect touch for any dish thanks to its qualities able to exalt any taste.

The bottle has been designed and crafted in ceramics by the skilled hands of Vietri artists, to exalt tradition and guarantee the highest quality standards to our new, first class product.

Genuine in color and aroma, 'Sorrento' Marine Green - Dolceterra™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is characterized by a bright green color in with golden shades and by a fruity and persistent aroma, typical of Sorrento region. 'Sorrento' Marine Green - Dolceterra™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil production process is entirely and constantly monitored and tested by the Italian Quality Certification Institute, to guarantee the respect of highest production standards. 
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