THIRD BLEND #01 100% Arabica - Coffee Terzi Bologna

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The nose is quite intense, complex, large and elegant. There are fragrant notes of dried fruit, toasted, with obvious notes of cocoa. The deepening aftertaste emerges as a fruity aroma of cooked red fruit reminiscent of a deep red fortified wine.  The elegant nose is quite balanced and harmonious.

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Intense on the palate, syrupy, with a nice creamy silkiness and is 100% Arabica.
Good acid/tannin balance, favoring acidity, very soft in terms of tactile sensation. While a slight bitter feeling to this complex coffee we find it quite fragrant to the scent with hints of cocoa and chocolate, dark chocolate, almonds, milk chocolate and hazelnuts. There are elegant notes of blond tobacco and marzipan. Add to this flavors there are references of fruity aromas of fresh fruit and dried flowers.

There is a fine, long, clean, elegant  aftertaste, but it is intense and complex.  At first you feel the memories of sensations and to a lesser extent, floral scents and ultimately chocolaty hints flavored with tobacco. 

Great combinations include brown sugar, milk, but also with chocolate i.e. dark chocolate to exalt the aromas and to match milk chocolate with soft fresh coffee.

In summary this is a low caffeine espresso,  balanced, elegant and persistent with moderate acidity content. Fragrant and fruity to the nose, fragrant, fruity and flowery taste with a long aftertaste.

We suggest using a low weight, around 12.6/12 g the couple, or 7.0/7.2 single with a machine adjustment with not too high temperature and pressure around the 8 bar.  A draw is not too long (within 25 seconds) for an average volume (25 ml) will allow better performance both aromatic mix commercial (a slight detriment of syrupy body and in the Cup).

Tasting: we recommend the tasting be a pure meditation using a  small amount of sugar and not too spicy. Makes a superb cappuccino with milk and coffee where both are valued partners. This coffee calls for an elegant bone china cup of good insulation quality to provide the proper home for this elegant drink.

Third coffee Blend # 1 won the gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting 2008

For three generations, the Terzi family and the name Terzi  has been synonymous with high standards, high quality and perfection.  Mr. Terzi has always strived to produce high quality coffee products  Manuel has embraced the science of growing, extraction and brewing of coffee by intensive studying  of coffee from its beginning as a raw material to its end product of the ultimate coffee drink in your cup.  Studying the “science” of coffee Manuel, quickly learned that his coffee would  be different from what all the roasters were producing. The Terzi expresso drink would be different from the usual bitter, tannic, woody drink that was the norm for so long. This quest for the most perfect coffee and espresso gave birth to the first  “Caffè Terzi" that was  inaugurated in Bologna, on March 23, 2002.  Mr. Terzi purchased the property at Via Oberdan, which is located near the very famous Due Torre (Two Towers) – the symbol of the great city of Bologna.  Today you can find a  “Caffè Terzi” not only in Bologna but In other cities in Italy and Spain.

Package: Coffee minced.

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