Calabria Food: Discover The Delights And Taste Of Italy's Cuisine

Italy is often regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has a rich cultural history and some of the best architectural examples of days gone by. However, it also has a reputation for producing some of the finest foods in the world. Italian dishes are characterized by simplicity and stunning flavors.

As part of this, it’s time you discovered the delights of Calabria food.

What Kind Of Food Is Calabrese

Calabrian food comes from the Calabria region of Italy, often referred to as the toe of Italy’s boot. This region is full of stunning views from mountains to beaches, but it’s the food in this region of Italy that you’ll remember forever. For example, the Picca Salsa Piccante is a classic Calabrian chili sauce which offers a strong taste to spread on bread. It’s a simple mix of peppers, artichokes, mushrooms and local Calabrian chili, perfectly encompassing the spirit of food in Calabria, Italy.

Calabria food is created with local produce, as is common in most regions of Italy. It favors vegetables, meats and fish, all fresh and blended with local oils and spices.

 Let’s take a look at some of the delights you can try while in Calabria.


This is perhaps the most famous Calabrian food. It’s a spreadable spicy sausage which incorporates local chilis to provide heat. You’ll find it commonly served on bread or pasta and it tastes fantastic.

Lagane e cicciari

This is a typical Italian dish, designed by peasants many years ago, using the limited local ingredients they could afford.

It’s a pasta dish but uses wide noodles. The flavor is enhanced with spices, oils, chickpeas and garlic. It’s simple, yet full of flavor.

Pasta ceci e sarde

If you visit Calabria then you’re going to need to try sardines, it’s a staple part of their diet. This particular dish takes fresh sardines and puts them in a pasta dish with pine nuts, raisins, and breadcrumbs.

 It’s surprisingly sweet and salty, as well as being delicious.

Cipolla rossa di Tropea

Calabria is home to a unique purple onion. It’s a deep purple on the outside and has a sweet flavor. This onion appears on a wide variety of dishes, including the classic pasta and pizza. It’s also used in meat sauces and even in salads. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Calabrian Liquorice

The locals refer to this as rigulizza. However you refer to it, if you’re a lover of liquorice then you’re going to want to try this! Many people say this is some of the best in the world, it benefits your digestive tract and has a distinctive and candy flavor.

Pitta Bread

Pitta bread is often associated with the Middle East. However, it arrived in Calabria many years ago and has become entrenched in their cuisine. It’s seen as a regional bread and often arrives before the meal. Of course, Italians like flavor. That’s why you’ll find pitta bread stuffed with a variety of ingredients, such as meat, herbs, cheese, spicy peppers and perhaps some tomatoes.

It’s the perfect snack and is available from street vendors.

Summing Up

Typical Calabrian food is full of spices and oils, ensuring the food is packed full of flavor. Each dish can be easily recreated as the ingredient lists tend to be short and simple. The best approach is to visit the region and experience these culinary delights first-hand. You can then recreate the taste at home. Just remember to use fresh ingredients.