Best Way To Store Olive Oil: Keep It Cool, Dark, And Sealed

Olive oil is considered to be one of the healthiest oils on the planet. It’s been part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries and has been linked with an array of benefits, such as glowing skin and the prevention of various diseases.
Of course, it’s also an essential ingredient for Ligurian pesto as well as a variety of otherdishes. If you’re going to invest in high-quality oil, then you should know how to store olive oil properly.

The Best Way To Store Olive Oil: Suggestions And Best Practices
There are several things you should be doing if you want to store your olive oil properly:

● Keep It Cool
You’ll want to keep your olive oil cool. Ideally, find somewhere that offers a stable
temperature between 50°F and 64°F. If it gets too warm the oil will have a shorter shelf life and the quality of the oil will deteriorate.
● Avoid The Light
Warmth isn’t the only thing that will lower the quality and shelf life of your oil. Light, specifically sunlight, can also cause damage. Sunlight changes the properties of the oil, encouraging compounds in the oil to grow. Specifically, research has found that oil left in sunlight had a much lower level of beneficial
ingredients such as tocopherol, chlorophyll and carotenoids.
● Use The Right Container
When looking at how to store olive oil you need to know the best container to store olive oil. As it should be protected from the light, clear glass bottles are not a good idea. While a dark glass bottle is okay, the best option is a ceramic bottle. They prevent light access, help regulate temperature and prevent oxidation.
● Store Olive Oil In The Fridge
You may be one of the many people who store olive oil in the fridge. This is a practical approach if you live in a hot climate, as you’ll struggle to keep the olive oil cool in a cupboard.

If you live in a cooler climate it can also help. If the oil gets too cold you may see white bits on the top. That simply means it is starting to solidify. The bits will disappear as soon as the oil warms a little.

Common Olive Oil Storage Mistakes
There are several common mistakes you should avoid:

● Next To The Oven
Having your olive oil next to the oven makes sense. It’s easier to access when you need it. Unfortunately, next to the oven probably means the oil is in direct light. It will certainly mean that it’s subject to heat changes, such as when the stove is turned on. The oil will degrade quickly if stored like this.
● Storing The Whole Bottle
Olive oil also loses its quality and taste if it is exposed to too much oxygen. To help prevent this it’s a good idea to decant your full bottle of olive oil into several smaller bottles.
This makes it easier to store and less wasteful if one container does go bad.

Summing Up
The best way to store olive oil is in a cupboard, away from the light and at a cool
temperature. Failing to store your olive oil this way will shorten its life, the quality of the product and even the taste.
Oil that has spoiled will develop a sour taste, most noticeable after you’ve consumed it. At this stage, the beneficial qualities will also have been degraded.
If you’re going to make the effort to buy good-quality olive oil, you should follow the tips above and store it correctly. It’s better for your health and your wallet.