Italian Seafood - The Best of Comacchio Valleys Fish

Ever tried Italian seafood? We all love Italy for food, friendship, great attraction centers and of course many other things but if you have not tried any Italian seafood, you are missing out on Italy's most enjoyable food.

When considering Italian food, lots of people conjure up images of pizza and pasta, polenta and panini, Parmigiano and prosciutto, meat and cheese. Though these are all foundations of Italian cuisine, most people don't realize Italy has got a long list of traditional dishes that are based on seafood and fish.

Italy is blessed with fish and other kinds of seafood because almost all of Italy's twenty regions have a stretch of coastline along the Mediterranean. So the bounty of the sea is really fresh and inexpensive.

Today, we are not discussing Italian seafood generally but the best of Comacchio Valleys fish

Italian Seafood - The Best of Comacchio Valleys Fish

Comacchio is the most fascinating historic town in the Park of the Po Delta and oftentimes, people compare it to Venice. The town is the heir to ancient Spina and a lagoon city which enchants.

Comacchio is known for its popular monuments including the Trepponti bridge, the beautiful Bellini Palace, the Seventeenth-century Cathedral of San Cassiano and the Manufacttura dei Marinati where eels were cooked and marinated.

Comacchio was built to exploit its rivers. With small bridges connecting the various corners of this town and pastel-colored terraced houses, the town is so beautiful and peaceful.

This beautiful town is known for the most delicious fish that have found the waters surrounding the town as their habitat. In the town, there are 48 different eel dishes. From delicate risotto to the brodetto (soup), sweet and sour steaks, grilled eel and marinated fillets, you will love the intense aroma of the dishes.

How Eels are made in Comacchio?

The tradition dates back to the middle age, and the processing of marinated eels has remained unchanged to the present day.

First, the eels are manually caught, selected by dimension and then beheaded. Then the eels are manually put on skewers and slowly cooked in a large fireplace. After cooking, eels are removed from skewers and allowed to cool for one night.

Finally, the eels are chopped into pieces, arranged in cans and marinated with a solution of water, white vinegar and Cervia salt. Usually, a laurel leave is placed on the top before the cans are sealed to preserve the eels for many months.

Comacchio Marinated Eels Today

Today, Comacchio marinated eels are slow food presidium which is considered a rare delicacy by gourmets. For more than 50 years, the way Italians eat has changed a lot and eels have almost vanished from the table.

Nowadays, the eels are back with a bang and people have started enjoying it again. If you have never tasted it before, you might want to give it a try because it is unexpectedly delicious.

Thankfully, you can now eat the best of Comacchio fish wherever you are around the world, as Dolceterra is delivering it to the table of each home without any hassle. So you don't need to visit Italy to enjoy Comacchio's delicious fish. You might want to give Sarde Marinata Selvatica Slow Food Traditional of Comacchio Valleys a trial. 

How to Serve Sarde Marinata Selvatica Slow Food Traditional of Comacchio Valleys? 

There are different ways you can enjoy your Comacchio eels. Sarde Marinata Selvatic Slow Food is to be eaten with bread or as a protagonist of tasty innovative recipes.

It is always better to pair Italian seafood, especially fish with white wine. White wine is always perfect with Italian seafood if you are a fan of wine.

What Next?

Whether you have tasted Italian seafood before or you are not sure you can enjoy it, Italian eels will make you love fish. Just give it a trial today.