DOLCETERRA is committed to offering excellent products accompanied with great service. Part of that promise includes how you receive your package. Although we inspect and carefully package each item, there is a possibility of spoilage or damage while in transit .

For these unfortunate events, DOLCETERRA guarantees your satisfaction by either sending you a replacement, a substitute, or, if you wish, a credit for the item. Our pledge is to make sure you have enjoyed your experience with our family. If you are not, we want to know.


Yes, Dolceterra Accept returns for every type of situation Whether it’s regret or something went wrong during the expedition.


Given the nature of the product we are not able to accept any kind of refund after 5 days.

As for the cheeses it is never possible in any case to accept a return but it will be issued anyway a refund after analyzing the transit times and the photos you have to send.

return labels will be sent to you via a link or you can generate them yourself and then get a refund, restock has NO ADDITIONAL FEES

In the case of return, please contact us for return permission and instructions on how to pack and where to ship your product.

Summer and hot items: DOLCETERRA disclaims liability for delicate products shipped during the hottest times of the year. Accepting the terms of purchase means being aware that the goods could suffer damage due to temperatures during the summer or in the hottest months

Any further questions can be emailed to us at

For orders placed on in the period between 7 December and 31 December no refunds will be made for courier delivery delays. 
They will be reimbursed with coupon codes that can be spent until December 2022