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What do Italians Eat for Christmas?

Perbellini - Panettone Giant 9-libre

The Perbellini Panettone is a classic for Christmas. This time and labour intensive cake is created using the finest carefully selected ingredients. The dough is leavened for 24 hours before baking and then it is allowed enough resting time before being packaged in a hat box and tied with a blue ribbon. This special ‘Quattrochili or Four Kilo’ is ideal for large families or big parties.

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Perbellini - Offella d’Oro di Verona ®

The Offella d’Oro® is the ancestor of an ancient Veronese festive cake the ‘Nadalin’. The Perbellini recipe dates back to 1891 when Giovanni Battista Perbellini modified an existing recipe by adding butter and eggs to the dough creating a soft and light texture.
Production of the Offella d’Oro® begins in October when the heat of the Veneto summer subsides and continues until Easter the following year.

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Perbellini - Gold Ofella di Verona 18-libre

But how many will you be at table at Christmas? 24 hours of leavening, 5 hours of cooking and another 24 hours of rest before being stored in its box.
Very special processing for a unique dessert made even more special by the aromas that remain imprisoned inside thanks to the size of the product and very slow cooking.

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Christmas Is Here! Be inspired.

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Authentic Italian food products from Dolceterra. Shop the widest selection of authentic, imported, gourmet Italian gifts, cheeses, meats, oils, desserts and more, exclusively at dolceterra.com

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Hand-painted Coffee Cup Memoritaly

Dolceterra 'Memoritaly' Hand-Painted drink coffee cups have an Italian magical way of making every beverage more delicious. You will feel the exceptional handcrafted quality from the moment you wrap your hand around the handle – which stays cool when microwaved! Customers tell us their Dolceterra coffee cups quickly becomes their favorite to use every day.
100% lead-free and dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. 

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Hand-painted MUG Memoritaly

Wake up with the refreshing spirit of the sunlit Mediterranean, having your coffee in this lively mug, for a unique Sunday-breakfast atmosphere, everyday for the week.  Dolceterra 'Memoritaly" mugs and steins have a way of making every drink taste even better.

They’re a comfort to hold, with every bit of handcrafted quality under your fingertips as soon as you wrap your hand around the handle. 

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Limoncello Amalfi Coast

Memoritaly Hand-Painted jar
'Firenze Memoritaly' - Handmade Jar Limoncello 'Firenze Memoritaly' - Handmade Jar Limoncello and two Glasses 'Portofino Memoritaly' - Handmade Jar Limoncello 'Portofino Memoritaly' - Handmade Jar Limoncello and two Glasses 'Roma Memoritaly' - Handmade Jar Limoncello

Dolceterra New

Memoritaly, Italy in every drop

Discover the new Memoritaly Collection on Dolceterra.com, take the opportunity to purchase original Italian products and gift packs for Christmas holidays in advance! For yourself and for those you love, it offers a unique Italian experience!

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Marcati Wild Blueberries

Sophisticated liqueur with a sweetish flavor coming from an expert blend of alcohol, grappa and natural infusions of blueberries, no less than 120 grams of blueberries are then added.

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Guanciale Norcia - Peppered

Something to brighten your day!

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Acetaia Malpighi

an Unforgettable italian experience

Best Italian

YOU can find a full range of the very best products for italian starter

Fiocco Culatello
Italian Sublime Experience

Culatello which is not that easy to find in United States. it is the most prestigious the salumi from Italy

Italy's Greatest

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Friselle Pugliese Tradition

Friselle of Southern Italy

The frisella, also called frisa, makes its first appearance back in 1300. Typical of Southern Italy regions such as Campania and even more Puglia, its literal description is: bagel-shaped toasted roll.

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The Taralli Scaldatelli

The Taralli Scaldatelli

The typical round shape is accompanied by a great aroma, a delicate flavour and a pleasantly friable texture that makes them irresistible. 
The Taralli Scaldatelli are one of the most appreciated and well-known products typical of Pugliese tradition. 

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Be Inspired by the Italian Tradition

Pull out handmade corkscrew with steel helicoidal spiral. The corkscrew is embellished with glass pearls created by the best glass-makers of Murano – Venice.

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corkscrew farfalli

Unique Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

KING is a faithful reproduction of an 18th century corkscrew featuring a rack and a pinion. This is a high-quality piece of craftwork made of hand-finished, first choice materials that will stand the test of

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Sassicata Tenuta San Guido

Tuscany Virgin Olive oil

La Pasta di Aldo

For each format of pasta, we use a different mix of semolinas; the dough is carefully amalgamated and the sheet of pasta is kneaded in order to obtain a soft dough. The sheet of pasta is cut and hanged on particular sticks in frames situated in the dry kiln, to allow a SLOW AND NATURAL DRYING at low temperature. More than a manufacturing process, this is a rite that allows a small daily production.

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Dolceterra Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jar

Dolceterra Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jar is beautifully crafted with ceramic by the skilled Vietri artists, to exalt tradition and guarantee the highest quality standards. ‘Sorrento’ Painting - Dolceterra Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best and healthiest oil with genuine color and aroma. It is characterized by a bright green color with golden shades, and its fruity and persistent aroma is typical of Sorrento region.

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There's a Drink for Every Moment.

Elegance tangerine italian liqueur

The Perfect Gift for Wedding and Special Ceremonies

Our line “Iconic Sorrento Lemon”, is all about a home with spirit and sophistication. Inspired by breathtaking Amalfi coast and it's path of gods, the spectacular scenic drives with the lush lemon groves, followed by striking panoramas of the most blue sea; all in the scented air of citrus touched sea breeze. This (UNESCO) World Heritage, that has captivated visionaries, artists and cinematography, is interpreted in our contemporary classic design of the iconic lemons of Amalfi. Lavish contrasting glazes of the rennaisance, are employed to enliven the Amalfitan scenery natural palette, on entirely handcrafted italian maiolica, with the deep, noble ultramarine of Lapis Lazuli, evoking the charm of one of the most appealing ceramics style ever produced. 

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The Charm of One of the Most Appealing Ceramics Style Ever Produced

 Implementing a few centerpieces, the line intends to add rich accents and stylish warmth, suiting the modern home with a taste, leaving the space for inspired customization, with it’s understated sophistication. The line was created with the decorator’s eye, and evolved in a modern character by the eminent Italian artist Luca Falanga, operating in Vietri, where the aesthetic and quality of this antique art have blossomed and ripen. How to chose: For a put-together atmosphere in the most jovial room of the house, pick the pieces that will accentuate the most prominent spots in your own kitchen. Their exquisite quality and taste make these artisan works the perfect gift for wedding and special ceremonies. 

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Burrata: the Queen of Italian Cheeses

synthesis of a perfect balance between the sweetness of the cream

Loison Classic Veneziana Handwrapped

Cake made by means of the natural fermentation of sour dough, with an irregular oval shape, reminiscent of a dove. The cake itself is especially soft owing to the use of fresh milk, butter and cream. It is light in texture and enriched with Madagascar* vanilla. The
surface is covered with icing and decorated with granulated sugar and almonds.

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Loison Tin Boxes Collection

Chocolate and Piemonte hazelnuts in a heart-shaped biscuit: the sensation of the sweetest of kisses. A biscuits–chocolate sweet that comes from a fine cocoa blend and desire for a strong emotion. The unmistakable consistency of Marano maize flour, a typical product from Veneto

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Something to brighten your day!


These timeless mugs are a delight to hold as they are to use. Dolceterra 'Memoritaly' Hand-Painted mugs have an Italian magical way of making every beverage more delicious.

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'Firenze Memoritaly Mug' - Hand-painted 'Portofino Memoritaly Mug' - Hand-painted 'Roma Memoritaly Mug' - Hand-painted 'Sicilia Memoritaly Mug' - Hand-painted 'Venezia Memoritaly Mug' - Hand-painted

Dolceterra new

MUG Collection

Dolceterra 'Memoritaly' Hand-Painted mugs, available in 7 versions, Lemon, Venice, Florence, Verona, Rome, Portofino, Sicily.

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The word alkermes comes from the Arabic qìrmiz, which means ‘of scarlet color’.

Tuscany Alchermes liqueur

Don't miss out.

Tuscany Alchermes liqueur

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