Sorrento’ Painting Jar Dolceterra Virgin Olive Oil (Handmade Painted)

‘Sorrento’ Painting Jar Dolceterra Virgin Olive Oil is a fresh olive oil made for everyday use. Made from the olive on the Amalfi Coast, this fresh and pure olive oil is perfect for all types of dish. Whether it is a summer salad, Caprese salad, pasta dish, brushed on pizza, dipping bread or you want to use it for any other purpose, this oil is the best because of its taste and flavor.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sorrento Italia Dolceterra

Sorrento Painting Jar Virgin Olive Oil is premium oil which is beautifully made to satisfy your taste bud. Talk of oil with fragrant and subtle flavors, Sorrento is the best. Another thing that makes it special is its beautiful jar that is well crafted with ceramic to exalt tradition and ensure highest quality standards. With the jar, you can protect your oil and you can even use the jar for other purposes.
With the production process closely monitored by the Italian Quality Certification Institute, you are guaranteed healthy and top quality oil. You don’t need to waste your money on unhealthy oil again because you can enjoy Sorrento Virgin Olive Oil at an affordable price.

Extra Virgin Olive Olil Italy

Sorrento Virgin Olive Oil provides you a high content of antioxidants such as Vitamin E & K, carotenoids, chlorophyll and polyphenols to strengthen your immune system and protects your body from any damaging effect from free radical molecules. This oil produces a great taste throughout the mouth and the back of the throat.
If you are looking for healthy oil with great taste and flavor, Sorrento Virgin Olive Oil is the best. You can use this oil for any purpose. From dressing to cooking, this oil is the best.