The olive harvest: a magical time

Between October and December in Italy there is a magical time.
A moment that starts a story, a story with ancient origins but still repeating itself, every year. A ritual that involves the population, a simple and genuine gesture that costs effort, but the end result always leaves one speechless. 
We are talking about a story that starts from a small greenish fruit, smooth and fleshy. A fruit with a thousand uses and that has been used for millennia to make a special condiment for Italian cuisine and beyond.

Let's resume our story...
We are in a large field, surrounded by verdant hills, it is early morning and the most surprising thing about nature at this time of day is the absence of noise, the peace we feel is immense and unparalleled.
The sun struggles to rise, looking sleepy.
You are surrounded by trees, but they are not just any trees, you are in front of bearers of knowledge with a gentle soul and infinite wisdom, trees that have been on this earth since before you and will probably be there when you are gone. Touching these centuries-old trees is a unique experience; it is like touching a piece of history. You reach out to pluck the fruit that these gentle trees have been giving to humanity for years.
A gesture, nothing more, a simple gesture that triggers a great story steeped in tradition and goodness.

In Italy between October and December is the olive harvest. Simply saying it this way does not fully render the sacredness of this passage. The period and the technique used for harvesting makes the final product, the oil, from different organoleptic characteristics.
Italian producers are experts; they understand when the olives are ready to be picked. The choice of harvest time is crucial and is influenced by several factors. The first is the climatic factor, temperatures too high or too low, rain or its absence. The second factor is "the use" that will be made of these olives: will they be used to make oil or as a table product? And the third factor, the most important one, is "understanding" the olive: every farmer, like a father with his children, understands when an olive is early or late.
When all these steps have been followed correctly we will obtain an oil with an unmistakable flavor, which gives true emotions and will become a superior EVO oil.

Between October and December in Italy is the olive harvest: a magical time.