Limoncello Cream Villa Massa Sorrento (16.9 fl. oz.)

Limoncello Cream Villa Massa Sorrento

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Villa Massa of Sorrento weaves together Limoncello of Sorrento and cream to create a perfect blend of flavor. Limoncello Cream Villa Massa Sorrento can be enjoyed hot or cold. But if you want to release the hidden flavors of this classic, it is better served cold.

Think cream and milk combined with Limoncello in a bottle? This excellent Limoncello looks, smells and tastes like lemons. The bright-yellow liqueur is made with cream, milk and Sorrento lemons. It is fresh, light, suggesting creamy lemon curd and fragrant lemon peel, and ultra-refreshing to sip.

Whether you are sipping it after a spicy meal or you are popping it for your party, you will love the flavor and the exclusive taste.

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